Share Trading Tips – Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis!

    Share Trading Tips – Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis!

    Share market is surely a place to make the extra profit with smart moves. However, to make the great returns, both new and experienced investors should have a set strategy for portfolio allocation. The key to determining the smart moves is to follow share market tips billed by the market analysts. The trading tips allow one to focus on diversifying their portfolio with minimal investment. A diversified portfolio directs the investment success in a disciplined manner. The second key to success is the market analysis which helps the investor to take effective decisions in order to go with the market trends. There are two types of analysis: technical and fundamental. Technical analysis is based on reading charts and analyzing volume trends, whereas, fundamental analysis is centered to investment decisions based on a last few years earnings and growth.

    Difference between technical and fundamental analysis:

    • The core purpose of fundamental analysis is to produce a value that that an investor can compare with their current stock price of the particular company. The value then becomes a “buy, sell, hold” type rating. However, the technical analysis is not related to such things like buy, sell, and hold ratings.
    • The main focus of fundamental analysis is on the economy, usually macroeconomics, to guide the investor to determine intrinsic value and how the interest rates get affected with the economic changes. On the other hand, technical analysis does not focus on what the economy rate is up to.
    • Fundamental analysis emphases on financial ratios and on the numbers like EPS, debt, cash flow forecasts, etc., whereas, technical analysis emphasize on past market movements to determine possible returns both in short-term and long-term.

    Considering the market returns, these analyses can really make a huge difference, but, to allocate them, the investor must know the share trading tips so as to know where to apply these analyses and how to utilize them for the effective decision-making. The perfect combination of both technical and fundamental analysis is essential to get great returns.

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