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Intraday Trading tips

March 30, 2017 Uncategorized


We at Moneycontrol Tips believe that investing in an intraday trading is much riskier than the usual share market trade. Intraday is a day trading where the market opens and books the trade positions on the same day of the transaction. Therefore, it is essential for the intraday traders, especially the beginners, to understand the strategies and intraday trading tips to avoid losses in such a volatile trade marketplace. For traders, to be successful it is important to initiate and apply the practical and psychological disciplines of a day trading.

We have extracted some of the important intraday trading tips for our visitors to effectively make their decisions:

  • 1) Determine the entry and exit price – before buying an order, fix you entry and exit price targets. We can help you understand with an example. You will make a purchase of an order when the market reaches at a certain price and you will the stock once you have gained the determined amount of profit (say 5000 profit on making a purchase of 2000). Immediately exit the market once you have reached to your predetermined targets.

  • 2) Not choosing more than two liquid shares – our trade experts states that as the trade market shuts on the same day of trading, it is not a smart way of making money by choosing more than two liquid shares. Because the market is highly volatile and you need to constantly keep an eye on the fluctuating market trends, therefore, investing in not more than two liquid shares can make the trader able to track the market trends.

  • 3) Utilizing stop loss option – the shares automatically will be sold out once the value reaches to the specified loss amount. Stop loss can safeguard the trader when the price of shares falls unexpectedly.

  • 4) Don’t try to be a trendsetter – Intraday trade market is highly volatile and even the most experienced professional cannot predict what next will going to happen in the market. However, don’t try to move against the marketing trends as you can bear great losses.

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Make Your Investment Money-spinning with Forex Trading in India

March 24, 2017 Uncategorized

A large no of people today are becoming successful traders. However it is not an easy task to learn about trading tactics. It requires lots of expert tips and tricks to make money in this market especially for those who are at beginning level in this field. If you are a novice to this money making market and want to try your luck, we are here to help you. Forex trading in India has become very popular and a source of wealth nowadays. This market can be called as the most liquid and largest market in the financial world.

Often people think that if they involve themselves in this kind of trading, they will get millions. But the truth is that it requires lots of skills and experience for making money in Forex and to achieve full time income, wealth and financial freedom. To get free from this situation we are here to assist you with our expert tips. Numerous ads are out in the market today saying that you can make money very quickly. But in the reality there is a huge risk involved in this process. It is always recommended that one should investigate about the trading systems in the market so as to wisely capitalize the hard earned money.

We provide the investment beginners a comprehensive knowledge of the technical and fundamental analysis, strategies about the market that will surely help people to make big profits. We offer you a perspective that enables you to predict the market prices in the near, medium or long terms. Some people however face failure in investment. This is all because of lack of good trading methodologies, bad management principles and an undisciplined attitude towards trading.

Forex trading in India is all about directive, determination and fortitude. With the help of appropriate strategies one can make huge profits in this trading market. These tactics are indicators to help investors in calculating support, trend and involved risks and benefits of the market.

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Moneycontrol Tips 5 December | Stock Tips | Commodity Tips Today:

December 5, 2013 Uncategorized

Sensex is up 406 points at 21,134. Nifty is up 133 points at 6,295.
Bank Nifty is up 463 points at 11,620.
CNX Midcap is up 112 points at 7,776.


Nifty future possible range 6295 – 6360


The market has opened on a strong note as the Nifty flirts with 6300. The Nifty is up 134.90 points or 2.19 percent at 6295.85 while the Sensex is up 443.84 points or 2.14 percent at 21152.55. About 511 shares have advanced, 52 shares declined, and 5 shares are unchanged.
Banking stocks are leading the indices with strength in ICICI Bank (6 percent), HDFC Bank (up 3.5 percent), SBI (3.3 percent). Other gainers in the Sensex are L&T and BHEL .

The rupee gained in early trade against the dollar on Thursday. The rupee rose 28 paise to 61.74 per dollar as against previous day’s closing of 62.05.

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indian economy-overview

February 26, 2013 Uncategorized

India is a biggest market of the world.india has many type of minerals in it’s largest population lives ratio of man power is very high.only need to utilize that man power.many type of industries of india working in whole world. Read More