Intraday Trading tips

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We at Moneycontrol Tips believe that investing in an intraday trading is much riskier than the usual share market trade. Intraday is a day trading where the market opens and books the trade positions on the same day of the transaction. Therefore, it is essential for the intraday traders, especially the beginners, to understand the strategies and intraday trading tips to avoid losses in such a volatile trade marketplace. For traders, to be successful it is important to initiate and apply the practical and psychological disciplines of a day trading.

We have extracted some of the important intraday trading tips for our visitors to effectively make their decisions:

  • 1) Determine the entry and exit price – before buying an order, fix you entry and exit price targets. We can help you understand with an example. You will make a purchase of an order when the market reaches at a certain price and you will the stock once you have gained the determined amount of profit (say 5000 profit on making a purchase of 2000). Immediately exit the market once you have reached to your predetermined targets.

  • 2) Not choosing more than two liquid shares – our trade experts states that as the trade market shuts on the same day of trading, it is not a smart way of making money by choosing more than two liquid shares. Because the market is highly volatile and you need to constantly keep an eye on the fluctuating market trends, therefore, investing in not more than two liquid shares can make the trader able to track the market trends.

  • 3) Utilizing stop loss option – the shares automatically will be sold out once the value reaches to the specified loss amount. Stop loss can safeguard the trader when the price of shares falls unexpectedly.

  • 4) Don’t try to be a trendsetter – Intraday trade market is highly volatile and even the most experienced professional cannot predict what next will going to happen in the market. However, don’t try to move against the marketing trends as you can bear great losses.

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Free MCX Tips Can Help a Trader Understand the Market

March 24, 2017 MCX tipsmoneycontrol

MCX stands for Multi Commodity Exchange. MCX trading is the best option for those who want to expand their portfolios beyond shares, bonds and real estate market. In recent times Indian markets have unlocked the new opportunities for retail investors and traders to participate: commodity derivatives. MCX was recognized in the year 2003 grounded in Mumbai. It is the world’s sixth leading commodity trading exchange market. To deal successfully in the MCX trading market, a trader may require Free MCX tips at times and to get the free tips, a trader must possess an internet connection and a trading application. At MCX trade marketplace there are types of commodities exchanged such as:
  • Energy – natural gases and crude oil
  • Base metals – steel, copper, aluminum, etc.
  • Precious metals – Gold and silver
  • Agro-based – pulses, grains, edible oils, etc.
Thus, MCX trading market is the World’s 1st leading exchange in Gold & Silver, 2nd in Natural Gas exchange and 3rd in Crude Oil. Commodity’s production depends on external factors such as fluctuating climatic conditions, technology advancements, and Government policies. But, a trader needs Free MCX Tips to deal in the market just to assure profits from their side because while the external factors lead to abnormalities on the supply side, the demand stays quite inelastic unless new market commodities are discovered. Hence, certain short-term nature of the Futures market and high price impulsiveness, commodities should at best. Thus, it is important that a trader deals in the commodities that he knows as there are so many fair aspects impacting its price. In today’s independent India, commodity-driven market, it delivers a source of revenue to the farmers and laborers and grosses our country’s valuable foreign exchange when exported. Commodities exchanged can be any goods that are similar and hence replaceable by any other substitute good with the same grade. Commodities are frequently bought and sold in what we call it as a futures transaction.Read More

Raise Your Investment Returns with Our Stock Market Tips

March 24, 2017 moneycontrolStock Marketstock tips

A stock market is a place where privately owned companies trade their shares to the general public in an Initial Public Offering initially (IPO) raising the capital of the shareholders of the company. At Money control tips we offer beneficial stock market tips designed for every business aspects. The lure of big money has always thrown investors into the lap of stock markets. However, making money in equities is not easy. Thus, we can help you earn maximum returns in the share market with our expert team of share market analyst who have great experience in dealing with the inflow and outflow of the stock market.


Some of our hot stock market tips for you: Make your own rules- Don’t follow the heard things from your relatives and friends. Set your own rules for investing money in the share market and stick to those rules and assure your success. Don’t pretend to be a fool by investing at one place- Don’t sound foolish by putting all your money in the single business category. Invest your money smartly through buying shares of the business with different categories so that if the one business gets down in the market, the other will keep your money secure. The business you understand- Don’t let your money invested at the place of which you are not aware of. Take a suggestion from our expert analysts to help you identify the business where you can understand the functioning of that particular business. This will help you to take the decisions more effectively with our additional stock market tips for you. Follow a disciplined investment approach- We can help you develop an investment approach putting the money in share market systematically by generating outstanding returns on the investments. Hence, it is important to have patience while you invest in complex share market trading. Create a portfolio of companies- We can help you to create a portfolio of companies and decide which company can get you the maximum returns with the minimum investment cost.Read More

Make Your Investment Money-spinning with Forex Trading in India

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A large no of people today are becoming successful traders. However it is not an easy task to learn about trading tactics. It requires lots of expert tips and tricks to make money in this market especially for those who are at beginning level in this field. If you are a novice to this money making market and want to try your luck, we are here to help you. Forex trading in India has become very popular and a source of wealth nowadays. This market can be called as the most liquid and largest market in the financial world.

Often people think that if they involve themselves in this kind of trading, they will get millions. But the truth is that it requires lots of skills and experience for making money in Forex and to achieve full time income, wealth and financial freedom. To get free from this situation we are here to assist you with our expert tips. Numerous ads are out in the market today saying that you can make money very quickly. But in the reality there is a huge risk involved in this process. It is always recommended that one should investigate about the trading systems in the market so as to wisely capitalize the hard earned money.

We provide the investment beginners a comprehensive knowledge of the technical and fundamental analysis, strategies about the market that will surely help people to make big profits. We offer you a perspective that enables you to predict the market prices in the near, medium or long terms. Some people however face failure in investment. This is all because of lack of good trading methodologies, bad management principles and an undisciplined attitude towards trading.

Forex trading in India is all about directive, determination and fortitude. With the help of appropriate strategies one can make huge profits in this trading market. These tactics are indicators to help investors in calculating support, trend and involved risks and benefits of the market.

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Go Through Important Share Market Tips before Investment

March 24, 2017 moneycontrolshare tipsStock Marketstock tips

A share market is a market where mass buyers and sellers of shares representing ownership of businesses aggregate each other which may include the securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately. Welcome to Money control tips, where you can get the best share market tips from our specialized share market analysts. As in all the other countries, Share market in India as well is constantly changing and investors require a constant awareness of the market and trends to stay in control of their financial investments and to make significant investment decisions.



Investing the money in share market can be the big decision to be taken carefully and wisely. Thus, some of the share market tips from our expert analysts can slow down your queries of investing in the share market.

  • Cross check yourself: Don’t let your decision be heavily influenced by the acquaintances, neighbors, or relatives. Avoid following the crowd blindly, like if everybody is investing in a particular stock, cross checks the stock market or consult to our expert analysts to know the tendency of the potential investor for investing in shares. Also, take a follow-up of the values for the particular shares in the past.
  • Research proof decision: Our analysts always undertake a proper research before suggesting you invest in stocks. Generally, investors go for the brand or name of the industry which is not the right way of putting your money into the share market.
  • Disciplined investment: Don’t go for a bull-run. We are here to help you investing money in shares through much-disciplined approaches as to put money on right shares and generating the outstanding returns with our share market tips.
  • Create a comprehensive portfolio: Modification of portfolio across asset classes and tools is the crucial element to earn optimum returns on investments with minimum risk. The level of diversification depends on each investor’s risk taking capacity.
  • Invest your surplus fund only: It is suggested that you should only invest the amount of your surplus funds which you can afford to lose. This will help you to avoid taking the financial risk in such a volatile market.
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Smart and Effective Stock Market Tips to Get Wealthy Returns

March 24, 2017 moneycontrolStock Marketstock tips

A stock market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers of stocks, also called shares, which represent ownership claims on businesses including securities listed on a stock exchange board. Take a chance to make money in the stock market with our Stock market tips from experts.



Are you still losing your money in stock market?

Every investor wants to earn great profit in stock market and we are here to work on efficient stock market tips. We at Moneycontrol Tips introduce ourselves as a stock news portal firm in India to assist you in making smart financial decisions with our extensive, unique market research. Our prime aim is to give right stock news at the right time, so that you earn maximum return on investment.

Financial journals, websites, blogs and a whole range of business communication mediums are filled with information and tips about how to invest, where to invest and when to invest in stocks. Quite often these tips are rigged or manipulated in order to provide additional weightage for a certain type or class of shares. However, for amateur traders the services of a best stock market tips provider is essential to ensure that they are safeguarded from wrong financial decisions and are able to secure reasonable returns from their hard earned savings.

  • The prime most tasks an investor has to carry out to ensure success in stock trading is to indulge in deep research and analysis of its performance.
  • The track record of the stock performance will help in drawing a pattern of the future earnings of such stock and how well it will fare in case of an unexpected economic downturn or slow down.
  • The investor should prepare for himself a strategy that will safeguard him from all possible recessionary pressures which can otherwise impact the economy; a diverse portfolio with risk well spread in different segments of stocks will help in negating the loss during depressions.
  • Personal financial goals should be tied with investments and their returns.
  • Sufficient tax shield should also be set up to ensure that earnings are not clawed away due to rising taxes and inflation.
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Important Money Control Tips to Become a Wealthy Investor

March 24, 2017 intraday tipsmoneycontrolshare tipsStock Marketstock tips

Investing money is one the most important decisions, it is very tough to earn money and very simple to lose it. Money earning is not a hard task, or requires a lots of intelligence, but handling your money and constructing money with your hard earned money is the challenging task that necessitates expertise’s and intelligence.



It is important for the investors who are at the beginners phase to properly learn how to control money. It is extremely important for the investors to follow these moneycontrol tips to maintain their business legitimately.

  • Plan Your Budget & Understand Financial Positions

Firstly it is important for an investor to realize the financial situation of the market and manage their finances accordingly. This will act as a means to overcome financial crisis during market downfall.

  • Make Plans With Future Perspective

Always think about long term investment. Make a plan of your investments by setting up your long term financial goals.

  • Do Some Research

Do some initial research about market and make yourself more educated in terms of finance that will help you in managing your investments. Information about the market trends will give you better understanding about the profits and loss of the investments.

  • Seek Advice from Financial Advisor

If you have some issues and doubts about the market trends, financial advisors are the best option to seek help from. They better understand the market, look into your situation and accordingly provide you perfect guidance.

Having an adviser can help beginners set genuine goals and decide which investments will best suit specific goals. However, eventually any investor is liable for knowing what he or she is financing in and what the risks involved are.

These are some Moneycontrol Tips that can help an investor in a great way. Handling your money and using the existing investment means is the finest approach to manage your money. Sometimes you may find this methodical financing approach a difficult one, but this will surely help you in managing your money for longer period of time. If fresh investors trail these easy money control tips they will protect themselves from a lot of difficulties. Always keep your prospects and sentiments in control and investment will become a pleasurable and lucrative experience for you.

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Some Free Intraday Tips for You to Boost Your Business

March 24, 2017 intraday tipsmoneycontrolshare tipsstock tips

Intraday trading is the superlative way of making money with different strategies. If you want to invest in intraday trading then you have complete knowledge about share market therefore we provide free intraday tips for you. It is the most powerful and useful way of trading to cash the money soon. In Intraday Trading you can sell shares within seconds, minutes and hours after you buy, whenever you want and when your you feel that your profit Target has been reached. Intraday trading has advantages as well as disadvantages the great advantage of intraday market are that its brokerage is very less. Intraday Brokerage is just about 0.02% to 0.04% depending on the broker you choose. And the disadvantage of Intraday Trading is that, In Intraday Trading fear of loss of money is more compared to other types of trading. So you may also book more losses in Intraday trading if you do wrong analysis.


As we know that this market is so volatile and unpredictable; so every single market can give a great boost to your profit earned. There are many private as well as semi-government organizations as well as companies that offer priceless information and guiding tips based on intraday trading. No one can take responsibility of your money lose and care your money as you do so before investing in this type of trading, take deep knowledge and make strategies. There are many online website also who offers free intraday tips for you. There are many intraday strategies that can be utilized by traders. These strategies include scalping, which attempts to make numerous profits on small prices changes; range trading, which essentially uses support and resistance levels to determine buy and sell decisions; and news-based trading, which typically uses heightened volatility around news events that may create possible intraday trading opportunities. Trading in an intraday basis offers several other key advantages that include the ability to use tight stop-loss orders, access to increased leverage and provides traders with more learning opportunities. Free intraday tips for you will defiantly help you to increase your money.

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Effective Proven Share Market Tips for Indian Investors

March 24, 2017 moneycontrolshare tipsStock Marketstock tips

Share market is the world of gambling which is full of ups and down. It is a serious business or we can say it a “game of luck” in which even small mistake may also be extremely dangerous for the business. Before entering in this field, you should have complete knowledge about share market. Share market tips for investors are highly required so that they will run their business properly and get better idea about the stocks.


Share market tips for investors may definitely help you in moneycontrol through stock market by providing you sure shot stock tips and one more great thing about this company is that you can take all sort of share tips trial which include Nifty tips, intraday stock trading tips, equity tips, commodity tips, Futures and option tips from the company free of cost. If you are at initial stage in the share market then it is very important for you to take advice from expert or you can take help of internet there are very beneficial for the business. The Share market is not only limited to shares as you can invest in various other options such as bonds, mutual funds, future funds etc. Once the plan is clear in your mind, you can plan the investment accordingly.

Trading in Stock Market takes place in terms of the stock exchange. Stock Exchange broadly has two types: BSE (Bombay stock exchange) and NSE (National stock exchange). Stock Market to get a beneficial return on investment, but it may be quite risky because nobody can predict the market so you can minimize the risk by using share market tips for Indian investors. The stock market is decided by the growth of the country. Everyday millions of investors worry about how much money company will do in the future. If you are seriously interested and really want to make money in share market then keeps yourself update and getting the best guide so that you must get the benefit of investing in the profitable stocks.

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Very few people know about commodity best tips before the investment. Before going deep let me tell something about commodity. A commodity is a basic good used in commerce that is interchangeable with other commodities of the same type; commodities are most often used as inputs in the production of other goods or services. Commodity also includes foreign currencies and financial investment and indexes.



Today in the modern world, most of the people are moving towards online money making term with the help of commodity tips. Generally people are like to invest in property and gold because this gives more profit to them. There are also some agro commodities that are to be traded on the exchanges of India. These commodities are traded in a large volume and cover a large market for inflation. Commodity market is very wide and dealing with large number of people. By tips are meant that information which will be able to help people in making the investments in the particular commodities that they are interested in. Since the investments are done through online means, there are various portals which have advice’s on how to trade in commodity.

Some commodity tips that investor or seller must follow are:-

  • Before investing in the market make deep search about product otherwise you may suffer a great loss.
  • Do not open your investing information to anyone.
  • Do not go in the Commodity Markets with the Stock Market trading plans. Though both are speculative buy and sell markets, there is a substantial dissimilarity in both and usually have opposite trading prototypes and thumb rules, as elaborated prior.
  • Be honest to yourself as was hoped or praying for something dissimilar, than the real reality or circumstances is nothing less than fooling your own self.
  • Do not be a party to hearsay or be guided by these. Verify & double check on the basis for genuineness.

These are some moneycontrol commodity tips which may surely help you. There are many more tips which are available online. So get yourself update with the commodity market for various commodities, live updates and trading strategies.

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